Sunday, 18 August 2013

Thing need to be known before Buying a Flat from an Investor

Buying a Flat from investor is main practices followed all over India and it’s favorable for the Investors. This Type of system is mostly followed through the builder himself, after the builder has tired the stock in his hands. So that it can reduce the work of builder and doesn’t get tired soon for this purpose.

What does investor flat mean?

An investor flat is defined in which an investor of the flat draws an agreement with the builder to purchase the given flat for certain period of time and in return investor pays a sum of the money as a token amount towards the price of the flat. This agreement happens even before the construction begins. So that amount agreed upon for the flat is also quite favorable.

Who is Investor?

An investor is a person who allocates capital with the prospect of a financial return. A person is someone who provides capital with his business and who buys a stock both are considered to be an investors.


Benefits of investor flats to all parties


The Benefits of investors is that he is able to obtain in a very low cost and rate to make payments much later.


The builder is a one who gets more benefits and more profit in this system. He gets money before the project and after the projects gets completed. So there is a double damaka for him. This will ensure a smooth execution of the project. Even also he is making sales even before the goods are shaped.


It’s not a trouble to a consumer to buy new flat from an investor though the agreement will be made clear with the builder itself saying in case of purchase is before the control the agreement will be first-sale and not for re-sale. So depending upon the investors needs the price become negotiable.

Therefore when you search for the new flats from the investor keep this in your mind and move towards it. It’s too good to buy flats from investors.


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