Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Right Price Tag of Commercial Property Space

When you are starting your own business nor expanding the space is sure that you calculate the true cost of Commercial property space. Companies often forget a lot if minute and smaller expenses that come with renting property. So whenever you choose buying a property or leasing an office you have to follow some tips which helps you to take correct decisions.
  •  The first thing you should do is create a budget for the property you are buying and calculate a rough estimation of your property saying that how much space is required and how much can you afford to pay per month on rent alone? So that you can search for the property according to our estimation listed and that helps you to find a better commercial property space soon.
  •  Used to determine the property values such as Location, Size, and Age of the property are some of the factors to determine the property. Commercial property is however rented as ppsf (price-per-square-feet) and we should be aware of paying the right money to what we buy. i.e. (when you are buying a property saying 750 square feet means you make sure 750 square feet you occupy because some landlords calculate the area from exterior walls which doesn’t come into the account).


  • If you are buying retail commercial space from landlords there might charge you higher amount. Since shopping malls properties space will expect a portion of your incomes profit which includes insurance, mall tax, maintenance fee and property tax fee. In some case you need to insurance and taxes your property so make sure you enquire about the property before and placed in a safe position.    
  • So once you have done with your entire cross checks and the property which comes inside your budget, it’s time to consider the value of what you are getting. Companies might also think about the location as the most valuable feature of a property. It will depend on what you need and what works best for your needs and budget too.



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