Friday, 23 August 2013

Real Estate A Boom To Our Country

I started my career to work as a Real estate for a short span and I guess I was amazed by the growth and development in real estate. My work took me to greater heights and most happening places on the outskirts of India. Some of the companies around India are Benz, Renault etc. The telecommunication companies include Nokia, Motorola and several multinational brands. So this made real estate in India favorable places to do our business. Adding many multinational companies inside India made real estate boom. The best thing Is that many companies are coming with the concept of integrated township.

During the course of my marketing and selling of Real estate property, I have got many e-mails, telephonic calls from the peoples not only across the latitude and longitude of India but also from the foreign countries which includes America, Australia, and some of the European Countries too. Some peoples have visited and invested the money in my Real estate property without visiting the property of them.

At the time of interactions with property owners such as Investors, Developers, and bank personnel we work for the financing the customers. Indian real estate property investors have caused the prices at the top. But at early 2000s the real estate has boomed a lot the prices keep us on increasing and the investment and growth too. The Ideal move for investors is to hold on to their investment for 3-5 years before buying are selling the property. Bank also helps the buyers to finances within a week or two.

Since both financing companies and banks are involved in the real estate projects from the start to end there is no need to worry even when money goes down. Hence the end users also stand to profit by working with banks. All together it’s a win-win situation for all those who have involved in the real estate market - from the builders to the investors to the banks.The best thing is the market will only go upwards and now is the right time to invest the money on it.


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