Friday, 30 August 2013

Benefits for Realtors to have a Site Plan

When we want to publish our upcoming projects in limitation you need a complete plan of the construction. This gives the customer an outlook of the projects and ongoing projects too. When you’re project looks good for you then you have right to place this plan on internet, Advertise in newspaper, specifies the locality so that customer can ensure about the plan of the realtors and can come forward to buy it. In real estate development many clients are eager to known how the houses will look. So as result many clients want to see and monitor the early stages of their building and there can have a chance to make an informed decision.

As mentioned above this site plan gives additional support and does who are looking to buy a home can get used with it. Site plan shows a copy of the desired finish of the property and also the shows the interior details and outside locations. Those who are looking to buy an office blocks can use this plan to start own business in it. 


It is not easy for the company to start selling the houses when they don’t have a right plan that will guide clients on the areas to choose. Even though if there have execution plan right some by other it flaws. So one need to make sure that the site plan has all the prescribed details and as an entire picture presented to the clients in different areas. So the person with good blue print details and one who executes the plan well will have great furnished houses.

A good site plan will shows a good professionalism symbol for any real estate agent. This professionalism will help the career to grow higher and help the clients to understand the dealing well and start advertising their property. This is the reason why many agents prefer a good construction companies which give them the site plan before the initiation of the projects.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Virtual Real Estate Tips to Choose a Multiplex Apartment

There are so many popular real estate industries which have accomplished many good projects and have several clients to it. If you are looking to buy, rent or lease a villa, Home, Apartment you should have many options towards it before and after. There are different ideas and concepts of building are implementing and emerging day by day by the market leaders.

Before you buy a building or invest in Real Estate property is sure that you make a detailed research about the features of the building such as Landlord, Location etc.

tips to choose a multiplex apartment

Some of the useful tips that can help you to choose a good apartment.

•    Check the site of the apartment – The surroundings around your environment should give you a pleasant atmosphere and the safety should be ensured well.

•    Look can be misleading – It can be a mistake to be lured by the outer cleanliness of an apartment and therefore it can have some hidden issues in it.

•    Even though the apartment may be built on a extensive places the landlord will not help as you would expect.

•    Check every month from the association secretary or from resident about the attitude of the landlord. Whether he comes to repair the needs of tenants such as drainage problem, and some need for the apartment. 

•    Make an enquire about the monthly maintenance charges to tenants and analyze the security terms like rent apartments is available.

•    Do research as much you can before buying an home and never hesitate to ask questions and never regret about it later.

If all the points matches and you get a good queries after your research then you can proceed further. Renting is easier and less risky than buying an apartment and make sure you get the entire documentary ready before moving in. Do comparative studies check and cross check for any last-minute surprising revelations.

Monday, 26 August 2013

E-Revolutionizing the Real Estate Portals

Real Estate in India is on everyone’s mind nowadays and growing rapidly. The witnessing changes in development of tier II cities, consumer behavior and Innovative ways of thinking to get information and advertise are some areas where Real Estate is growing. Whether it be selling, renting or buying most of them are used with anyone aspects from it.

When we want to buy or sell our land we generally depend upon group of brokers in that particular area so that our job is done soon and get a good deal. Glances through advertisement also help builders and developers as sources of info. But most of the users nowadays are penetrated to internet there are over millions of peoples who use Portals all around so this made Real estate Websites a source of Information and way to transact. However the developed markets are familiar with real estate portals and growing uniformly.

indian real estate website

This Portals acts as an intermediate where the information exchange is done and one can get the listings of residential and commercial property for buying, selling and renting. We were using online as an effective medium for real estate and we suit to the latest trend.

Let’s compare between supply and demand sides of this process.

On the supply side of the internet being accessed it’s a most effective one unlike print ads one cant restricted by space on the portals and thus can give descriptive ads. Even though its cost effective peoples get benefited using this advertisements and add on features like video uploading, chat messengers, online databases and so on. This type of ads gives an exposure to the end user and there can convey the info easily.

Whereas on demand side, Most of the people nowadays are busy and there is huge crunch on time. So searching in portals made our work easier to search the property around your locality. All is needed is a click from our mouse and it will list all the properties in your locality. So from this we can easily say that portals are new way to develop our business and it’s a great place for both buyers and sellers. In reality, all real estate companies should try to integrate bricks and clicks.

The face of the Indian real estate sector is changing and new trends are rising to keep pace with the growing demands.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Real Estate A Boom To Our Country

I started my career to work as a Real estate for a short span and I guess I was amazed by the growth and development in real estate. My work took me to greater heights and most happening places on the outskirts of India. Some of the companies around India are Benz, Renault etc. The telecommunication companies include Nokia, Motorola and several multinational brands. So this made real estate in India favorable places to do our business. Adding many multinational companies inside India made real estate boom. The best thing Is that many companies are coming with the concept of integrated township.

During the course of my marketing and selling of Real estate property, I have got many e-mails, telephonic calls from the peoples not only across the latitude and longitude of India but also from the foreign countries which includes America, Australia, and some of the European Countries too. Some peoples have visited and invested the money in my Real estate property without visiting the property of them.

At the time of interactions with property owners such as Investors, Developers, and bank personnel we work for the financing the customers. Indian real estate property investors have caused the prices at the top. But at early 2000s the real estate has boomed a lot the prices keep us on increasing and the investment and growth too. The Ideal move for investors is to hold on to their investment for 3-5 years before buying are selling the property. Bank also helps the buyers to finances within a week or two.

Since both financing companies and banks are involved in the real estate projects from the start to end there is no need to worry even when money goes down. Hence the end users also stand to profit by working with banks. All together it’s a win-win situation for all those who have involved in the real estate market - from the builders to the investors to the banks.The best thing is the market will only go upwards and now is the right time to invest the money on it.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

What Key Elements of the Home will Increase Resale Value?

Resale value is always considered when a buyer is deciding to buy a home. The ongoing discussion is considered always where one’s money is spent lavishly to increase the value of the home. Budgets play a vital role in buying a home purchase. At the time of sale renovations will speak more at the purchase time so having more money budget will always help you to take some decision and here are some useful tips that should assist you when coming to the renovation decision.

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Right Price Tag of Commercial Property Space

When you are starting your own business nor expanding the space is sure that you calculate the true cost of Commercial property space. Companies often forget a lot if minute and smaller expenses that come with renting property. So whenever you choose buying a property or leasing an office you have to follow some tips which helps you to take correct decisions.
  •  The first thing you should do is create a budget for the property you are buying and calculate a rough estimation of your property saying that how much space is required and how much can you afford to pay per month on rent alone? So that you can search for the property according to our estimation listed and that helps you to find a better commercial property space soon.
  •  Used to determine the property values such as Location, Size, and Age of the property are some of the factors to determine the property. Commercial property is however rented as ppsf (price-per-square-feet) and we should be aware of paying the right money to what we buy. i.e. (when you are buying a property saying 750 square feet means you make sure 750 square feet you occupy because some landlords calculate the area from exterior walls which doesn’t come into the account).


  • If you are buying retail commercial space from landlords there might charge you higher amount. Since shopping malls properties space will expect a portion of your incomes profit which includes insurance, mall tax, maintenance fee and property tax fee. In some case you need to insurance and taxes your property so make sure you enquire about the property before and placed in a safe position.    
  • So once you have done with your entire cross checks and the property which comes inside your budget, it’s time to consider the value of what you are getting. Companies might also think about the location as the most valuable feature of a property. It will depend on what you need and what works best for your needs and budget too.


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Thing need to be known before Buying a Flat from an Investor

Buying a Flat from investor is main practices followed all over India and it’s favorable for the Investors. This Type of system is mostly followed through the builder himself, after the builder has tired the stock in his hands. So that it can reduce the work of builder and doesn’t get tired soon for this purpose.

What does investor flat mean?

An investor flat is defined in which an investor of the flat draws an agreement with the builder to purchase the given flat for certain period of time and in return investor pays a sum of the money as a token amount towards the price of the flat. This agreement happens even before the construction begins. So that amount agreed upon for the flat is also quite favorable.

Who is Investor?

An investor is a person who allocates capital with the prospect of a financial return. A person is someone who provides capital with his business and who buys a stock both are considered to be an investors.


Benefits of investor flats to all parties


The Benefits of investors is that he is able to obtain in a very low cost and rate to make payments much later.


The builder is a one who gets more benefits and more profit in this system. He gets money before the project and after the projects gets completed. So there is a double damaka for him. This will ensure a smooth execution of the project. Even also he is making sales even before the goods are shaped.


It’s not a trouble to a consumer to buy new flat from an investor though the agreement will be made clear with the builder itself saying in case of purchase is before the control the agreement will be first-sale and not for re-sale. So depending upon the investors needs the price become negotiable.

Therefore when you search for the new flats from the investor keep this in your mind and move towards it. It’s too good to buy flats from investors.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Responsibilities of a Real Estate Agent

To understand fully about the real estate agent's one has to known his own responsibility and duties. He also need to know what the broker  should and shouldn’t do for the home seller or buyer- Before going through it he as to follow some federal and state regulations for undergoing any sort of real estate transaction. To be more clear agents need be awake of the following rules and institutions that govern or influence all of their actions such as National Association of Realtor's Code of Ethics, State Real Estate Laws, Lawsuits, Employing Broker's Guidelines, and the Federal Fair Housing Act.

Among the top five actions The Fair Housing Act is most important act in it. This ethics is mainly discovered to avoid discrimination on buyers and sellers too. The Fair Housing Act legislation (which was modified in peace to the Fair Housing Act of 1988 and is part of the Civil Rights Act of 1968) This is able to protect 7 classes of sellers and buyers, such as family status, national origin, religion, handicap, sex, color, and race. This act made mainly to avoid discrimination.

A lot of people are stunned and unaware of the fact that a real estate agent has to deny some request for simple reasons. An agent can be prohibited from answering questions about the society of neither a specified community nor a given community. Everyone should obey the set of rules and uncertain for the agents to break the rules.

Demands for School Districts and Safe Neighborhoods

If a customer asks his real estate agent to find him a place near particular school/college, then the realtor can ask for the limitations of the search and the broker shouldn't be the one supplying the boundaries. The agent should explain patiently that the client's children will not get admitted into the school he wants to join them. Assuring them that the school district is not within the range and limitations of a realtor's duties to a buyer and emphasizing that such type of action lead to violation of the Fair Housing Act is par for the course.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Own a Property in India through trustworthy Builders

The Indian real estate market is growing in a high note and it’s extremely volatile in both profit and loss scenario. However, there is huge number of development sector that can resist their needs with both residential as well as commercial properties. Builders from outside and inside the nation have smelled the growth and perfection of this sector. This led the peoples among this sector for a greater competition in the share. Buying and selling a property is a smarter move in this sector.

In sector, Hyderabad takes lead in the Indian real estate market. The organization of the international airport has brought new changes in the city and it’s well-connected with all other major cities of the country. It as many IT companies with IT hub of India so the business gets a vast space for Real estate builders.

buy indian property

Buying a property in India as huge advantage and more favorable to cheer with it. The property prices as been keep on increasing this made many home buyers to move with it. Satisfying the requirements of buyers with a good economy can help the peoples around the country. Since property market is keep on growing day by day the buyers in India finding them in a superior position.

Some of the Builders in India provides you with a great deal for buyers at a low cost with separate residential houses, villas and apartments. Some of the construction companies in India are Larsen Toubro, DLF, Tata Projects, and Gammon India are some of the top construction companies. With limited land space and increasing population as made peoples around the country to think about a Good Property for future. 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Real Estate Portals Guidelines

With so many things happening all around the sectors world due to economic slowdown investment in Indian real estate is the hottest topic. This period of slowdown as witnessed a massive development in Real estate sector. Everyone is touches by the aspects of buying, selling or renting the property. Everyone is eagerly involved in buying, selling the real estate property. Since there is more risk involved before taking a right decision. So only peoples move to a real estate brokers without hesitations. But now people have shifted to internet usage since internet is making a clear footpath in your day today activity. About 60 % of peoples use online property portals which have created a revolutionary in real estate sector. 

Real estate portals in India brings you a new way of sending across property related transactions and information. This type of real estate markets has been familiar in abroad and comfortable whereas for online portals but it is much comparatively new for Indian real estate sellers and buyers. Even though the popularity of this portal in India is growing it’s expected to establish in forth coming years. The Number buyers and sellers of real estate in India has been growing economically.

Online property portals are new platform for exchanging information regarding real estate property. They show commercial and residential property like buying, selling and renting, etc. This type of trend as increased the use of portals by real estate peoples and property sellers, property buyers find it cost effective and helpful.

Benefits of Using Internet:
  • Internet is a connecting source for many real estate peoples and it helps to advertise our property and share others property too.
  • It gives more exposure for property buyers and sellers.
  • It enables low cost when compared to other advertisements.
  • People can chat and exchange their views through portals like pictures, Videos so on.
  • It decreases the third party peoples and allows cutting commission.
  • It reduces lot of time where one doesn’t need to wait for other person. Where advertisement made our work easy through internet.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

India Property Sector- Position Today

If you ever find manually in a circumstances where you need to buy a new home or a few new property, then it is obvious that there are a lot of things you will want to take into careful thought first, and this is not something that you be supposed to just do without first having taken the time to think your options carefully. After all, the choice to purchase a new home is a big one and if you are going to be moving into the place indefinitely or if you plan on selling it in the future then it would make sense to go out of your way to make sure that you know what you are doing. You do not want to sell that property again right away or worse find yourself in a position when you cannot sell it although you want to, and it can be quite annoying to live in a place that you no longer feel relaxed with. However, you can certainly avoid making these kinds of mistakes by always remembering to believe what you are going to be buying as carefully as probable.

The first thing you be supposed to begin with doing if you are intent on the thought of buying yourself a new home and you want to do it as soon as you can would be to go online and search for a good real estate agency in your area. This should be fairly easy to do chiefly if the place you are looking for a new home in happens to be in an area where there are a lot of properties available for sale. You should spend a fir bit of time looking for some of the better opportunities that present themselves to you along the way, and it should not be too long before you find something that you actually like. However, before you make the choice to buy a new real estate property there are still a small number of key things worth taking into deliberation and it is really significant that your remember them.

indian property sector

India Property Sector- Position Today

In India, the reforms programmer has been going on for the past two decade and the process has reached to an extra special growth in several areas like ITES, IT, Telecom, etc.

The growth of an India property market is all around with barely any part of the value chain being out of this trend. The Real estate sector is possibly the most growing area in recent years to join the popular list of sectors group which have taken off in a key way and all slated to hit the stratosphere in the recent years ahead.

The housing construction, malls, retail stores, state-of-the-art office complexes, as a rapid growth development in the field of Indian real estate sector. It can be seen all around especially in vast locations which have grown up as commercial hubs. New era in construction like weekend property or specialty malls have barged in much sooner than expected and they are adding new energy to the Indian property on a steady basis. Some of the key reasons for driving the growth of the Indian real estate sector could be summed up as followed:

1) The appearance of several satellite towns around famous metropolitan cities as commercial hubs (like ITES, IT, TELECOM).

2) Increase the power of Indian trade. The Indian real estate is vast growing and sum of the cities are moving to greater heights surely within a life span of 2-5 years the entire landscape of urban locations in India is going to be a one of the developed countries in the World. And recent approval of government over 100 SEZs is expected to provide a good real estate development in the country.

Overall the Real estate in India as picked up a great momentum and moved to greater heights. There is some witness where some countries have reached greater heights. Some of the locations like Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, etc. where the valuation has just doubled.

Monday, 5 August 2013

How a Real Estate Broker can help you to buy a property

Commercial real estate is a successful business in India however, if you are selling or buying commercial real estate property you need a help from Real estate broker. A good real estate broker can be helpful to you in various ways, and they can help you with a great zeal of idea for selling and buying a property. If you want a successful career in the commercial real estate business, then more likely you need to work with a commercial real estate broker from time to time. The following are some of the ways that a real estate broker can help to you.

Home Land ideals:

Having a real estate broker working with you can be handy when it comes to local land principles. As an investor, you may not always be investing your money in commercial real estate that is in your locality, and it can be tough to find out what the present land values are. When you work along with real estate agent you can take hold off on local land principles and can help you to make good decisions based upon this information.


Give and take construction offers:

Another good reason to have a commercial real estate broker is that they negotiate price for you on a deal. It’s good to have a broker in-between us rather than dealing with other person directly. A broker can help you in negotiating the terms of a deal and also helpful to construct offers so that you will be able to present a good offer on a piece of commercial property.

Referrals to Other Professionals:

Real estate brokers can also help you by referring you to other professionals so that can be helpful to you as well. This is especially a good idea if you are new to the real estate industry. It is very difficult to find good professionals to work with, such as inspectors, lawyers, engineers, and contractors. When you are dealing with a real estate agent you should trust them so that they can refer you to other peoples that you can trust as well.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Recap of Commercial Real Estate Property in India

Commercial property in India has found range in places like Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, Cochin, Goa, Mysore, and Trivandrum. It is the perfect chemistry of an ideal environment for setting up a hotel/retail business and small office for a reasonable pricing that as attracted people in droves here.

Indian real estate property has been growing consistently, even though with a few hiccups around the major locations in India. Many people are making the most of it by investing their money in guesthouses, villas, cottages small towns or buying up hotels and resorts.

People who are thinking to invest their property in Indian Real estate offers a wide range for buying/selling/renting there building, shops, showrooms and so on. India properties have the back up of emergent and sustainable wealth. India is marching towards a well-defined authoritarian and financing system in place.


An investor's fear is put to rest of peoples with greater possibilities of quick growth in the property rental sector in the next few years. Customer services companies of the BPO (Business process outsourcing) sector are occupying large commercial spaces. With regard to residential/commercial property in India, people are ready to pay huge amount as rent for metros, Tier I cities, apartments, flats and homes.

Residential as well as commercial Property in India has witnessed unique price growth in recent years. The expected office space is likely to be increase to more than 400 million sq ft. The State Governments of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Kerala are showcasing, as it were, the idea of promoting Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Kochi as the next major business destinations in the country and enjoying the enthusiastic support of some NRIs.

Real Estate growth in the commercial division has been increased day by day even companies is seen to warm up to the idea of having their bases in Tier III cities with cost advantage purposes.

Setting up of malls, multiplexes, etc. at these places will be a greater business deal for Real Estate development.

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