Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Investment in Indian real estate property

Real Estate in India has huge impending in almost every field especially residential, commercial, hospitality etc. However the major growth in this development includes shopping malls, offices, retail stores and commercial complexes. This sector has favorable reforms initiated by the government to attract global investors.

Real estate investment in India as a major and long term goal for investment which provides a low liquidity to an investor. Investors can come across at renting out their property to bring reliability in revenue. This can reduce the EMI’s for a purchased property on a loan. According the survey conducted by ASSOCHAM  60 percent of working individuals consider this sector as a mode of long term investment.

There are many financial institutions and property sites in India which offers attractive loan and rate of interest to the builders. Some of the banks in India include HDFC, INDIAN BANK, ICICI and more which provide great funds for the sector development to the builders.l


NRI real estate business is also on the rise in India. Recession had minor force on this sector. This sector is opening up more and more investment opportunities for both foreign as well as domestic investors. This sector as high profitable scheme, as a profits of investors and has almost doubled or has derived 100 per cent profits in the residential piece. The major reason for this development is the policies taken by the Government of India.

Indian Government Reforms:

The Indian Government includes (RBI) reserve bank of India and (FEMA) Foreign Exchange Management Act has a liberal set of laws for the NRIs to make investment in real estate. India has become a most favorable destination for (FDI) foreign direct investment.

Tax Advantages:

People can benefit the vast tax benefits on investing in real estate:
  • Tax exemption is available on re-investment of sale proceeds of property in suitable possibilities.
  • Tax benefit is available on interest of housing loan raised in India.
Nowadays, Real Estate investment in India has become a revenue generating businesses.


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